Sample Checklist for Deploying a Replacement Workstation

The following items should be completed when issuing an existing employee a new computer:

  1. Add the new workstation to the Inventory Google Sheets spreadsheet
  2. Image the new workstation and install basic software from the Application Catalog (App Cat) on SCCM
  3. Join the computer to the domain and add it to the correct OU (if not done via Task Sequence while imaging).
  4. Remove any DVDs or other external media from the old workstation
  5. Work with the user to archive unused files to an Archive folder on their network drive
  6. Copy all user files from the old workstation to the user's network drive
    1. Desktop
    3. Documents
    4. Pictures
    5. Videos
    6. Other (ask user if there are other files)
  7. If the user uses bookmarks, export them from the old workstation to the user's network drive
    1. For Chrome, export to HTML file
  8. Get a list of software that the user uses
  9. If there is software the user needs that is not on the App Cat, see if it can be added to SCCM and the App Cat
    1. If so, add it there and then install it on the new workstation from the App Cat
    2. If it can not be easily added to SCCM and the App Cat, manually install it on the new workstation
    3. Make sure all software is licensed (some license information may be held by the user)
  10. Get a list of printers that the user needs and deploy these to the user via Group Policy (if not already being deployed by Group Policy)
  11. Have the user log into the new workstation
  12. Copy their user files from their network drive to their new workstation
  13. Import their bookmarks into Chrome (or whatever browser they use) on the new workstation
  14. Check with the user to see if they need an external DVD drive
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