EveryonePrint Backup and Restore

The Manual Way

  1. Stop all of the EveryonePrint services.
  2. Zip the following files and folders from C:\Program Files (x86)\EveryonePrint into an encrypted .zip file:
    1. data\
    2. etc\
    3. eop.xml
    4. printers.xml
  3. Start all of the EveryonePrint services again.
  4. Move the encrypted .zip backup file to the EveryonePrint backup directory (see the Backup Schedule Google Sheets file for more information).

The Powershell Way

The backup Powershell script is part of the Client aspect of Cyrus Backup Solution and is called from Cyrus-Backup-Client.ps1.


If you are installing EveryonePrint on a new server, see Print1 Installation Documentation for instructions on installing EveryonePrint.

  1. Stop all of the EveryonePrint services
  2. Copy all of the files and folders from the most recent EveryonePrint configuration backup folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\EveryonePrint and replace the existing items.
  3. Start the EveryonePrint services again
  4. If the printer names on the print server are different than when EveryonePrint was last backed up (eg. you are restoring to a new server and some of the printers were named differently) delete the printers out of EveryonePrint from the Devices tab of the web interface.
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