1. Go to Policy & Objects > Policy > IPv4 and click Create New.
  2. Set the following information:
    1. Incoming interface-Which port or VLAN the source device is on
    2. Source Address-The address of the device (if needed)
    3. Outgoing Interface-Which interface the destination device is on
    4. Destination Address-The address of the destination device (if needed)
    5. Schedule-When the policy is to be applied
    6. Service-Which ports the policy applies to
    7. Action-Either allow or deny the affected traffic
  3. Apply security profiles as needed
    1. The settings pictured are for a policy applied to a desktop in the Help Desk
  4. Add a comment to help identify the policy quickly, then click OK

For more information refer to the Firewall Policies section of the FortiOS Handbook

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