Verifying Automatic Backups with Cyrus Backup Solution

As of the time of this writing (10/5/2018), the automatic backups are checked weekly on Fridays to verify that they are all backing up correctly (there should be a Spiceworks ticket automatically generated each Friday morning as a reminder).

To verify the automatic backups:

  1. Using Chrome, browse to the Cyrus Web Dashboard at <path to web dashboard> using an account that is a member of the dept-helpdesk AD group.
  2. All of the backups included in Cyrus will be shown to you on the home page of the dashboard. Click on a backup name to view a log of it's backups.
  3. See the Backup Schedule Google Sheets spreadsheet for a list of which backups are automatic.
  4. View the log for each of the automatic backups verifying the following information is correct:
    1. Name: make sure that the names of all of the backup files look correct (at least check to make sure the file extension is correct).
      1. Eg. The switch config backup files should all end in “.cfg”.
    2. Frequency and CreationTime: make sure that the backup is occurring at the correct times (the frequency should be listed in the Backup Schedule).
      1. Eg. If a backup is supposed to occur daily, make sure the CreationTime shown in the log shows that is occurring daily.
    3. LastModified time: make sure that the Last Modified time is a reasonable distance from the CreationTime (this is to ensure that the backup files are not being modified after they are created and thus helping to ensure data integrity).
      1. Eg. Most virtual machine backups (around 10 GB in size) should have their LastModified time be within 20 minutes of their CreationTime.
    4. Size: make sure that each backup file is a reasonable size and that they are all close in size to each other.
      1. Eg. the Fortigate config backup files should all be around 50 KB.
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