Backup and Restore of Spiceworks

The Spiceworks Desktop uses one local database and one directory to store all pertinent information about your environment as well as the configuration of the application itself. The backup process archives copies of your Spiceworks db and data directories.

Spiceworks is backed up via a Powershell script and is part of the Client aspect of the Cyrus Backup Solution. The script is called from the Cyrus-Backup-Client.ps1 script.


  1. Download and install Spiceworks, but don't start the app yet.
    1. If Spiceworks is running, exit out by right-clicking the sys tray icon and selecting exit.
  2. Delete the db and data folders from your Spiceworks directory (by default this will be c:\Program Files (x86)\Spiceworks).
  3. Open your backup .7z file and extract the contents to your Spiceworks directory.
  4. Run Spiceworks and after the migration runs, you should have access to your backup data.

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