Backup and Restore Procedures for the NAS1 File Shares

The file shares on NAS1 (located in <path to folder>) are backed up via the Cyrus Backup solution.

As of the time of this writing, full backups are performed weekly on the NASShare folder (containing all of the data shares) and incremental backups are performed daily.

The Powershell script used to backup the data from Cyrus is Backup-NAS1.ps1. The script is called via the Cyrus-Backups-Server.ps1 script. For more information, see: Cyrus Backup Server Documentation.

See the Backup Schedule Google Sheets file for more information about the frequency and locations of backups. To learn more about how backups are performed see the Backup-NAS1.ps1 script.

External HDD Procedures

There are two external hard drives (EHDs) used to store the backups of the NAS shares (along with VM backups). The NAS backup partition is ~2.5 TB.

One EHD should remain plugged into the NAS server, with the other unplugged, at all times. The EHDs are to be swapped out every Friday. This will increase redundancy, increase the amount of storage space for longer retention times, and increase data security.

See Swapping the External Hard Drives Used for Backups for details on the procedure to swap the EHDs.

Folders and files are backed up and compressed. To restore, simply copy the desired folders or individual files from the most recent backup .7z file (unless reverting to an older version of a file) to the data share on the file server.

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