Backup and Recovery of FortiClient EMS Database

  1. Go to Administration → Backup Database in the left hand menu.
  2. Enter the FortiClient EMS backup password (PassPack) and click Back up.
    1. When prompted, save the database backup file (.zip.enc file type) to your Desktop.
    2. When the database backup is complete, Windows Explorer appears with the database backup file selected.
    3. Move the backup file to the FortiClient EMS database backup folder on the NAS server. See the Backup Schedule Google Sheets file for more information.
  1. Log into the FortiClient EMS software.
  2. Go to Administration → Restore Database from the left hand menu.
  3. Select Browse, and select the database backup file.
    1. When the database is restored, a message appears. The message instructs you to wait for the restored database to reload.
  4. Wait for the restored database to be reloaded.
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