Backup and Restore VMs on Hyper-V

Virtual machines on Hyper-V are backed-up via the Cyrus Backup solution on Cyrus1 using Powershell and Veeam Backup & Recovery (VB&R). Backup-VM.ps1 is the script that Cyrus-Backups-Server.ps1 calls to backup the VMs. The Cyrus Powershell scripts utilize the Veeam Powershell module.

It is possible to manually backup VMs from VB&R, however this is not covered by this documentation. See the Backup-VM.ps1 script for information on how the backups are done via Powershell.

Installing Veeam Backup & Replication

If VB&R needs to be installed, follow the instructions at to install the free version on the desired backup server. As of this writing, the local Administrator account is used for VB&R.

Once installed, the Veeam Powershell module should be available. Use the command Asnp VeeamPSSnapin to install it (this command is included in the Backup-VM.ps1 script).

See the Backup Schedule Google Sheets file for more information about the frequency and locations of the backups.

Restoring VMs is done through Veeam Backup & Replication (VB&R).

:!: Important
Restoring a VM will cause any existing VM with the same name to be deleted. Be very careful when performing restores!
  1. Navigate to the most recent backup file (unless restoring from a previous backup) of the desired VM on the VM Backup External Hard Drive partition.
    1. Selecting a backup file for the VM "spiceworks1"
  2. Double click on the .vbk file to open it with VB&R.
  3. VB&R will open and ask for a password. This password can be found in PassPack and is named “VM Backup Encryption” on PassPack.
  4. Once the Password is entered, VB&R will display information about the VM backup.
  5. Select the VM in the Contained VMs list and click Restore → Entire VM.
  6. Once the Full VM Restore Wizard opens, click Next.
  7. Select either the Restore to the original location option (if restoring to the same hypervisor it was backed up from) or the Restore to a new location, or with different settings option.
  8. Complete the Full VM Restore Wizard to restore the VM.
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