Swapping the External Hard Drives Used for Backups

There are two external hard drives (EHDs) that are used for backups of the data on the NAS server and for backups of the VMs. These EHDs are 5 TB Seagate drives and are labeled VM/NAS Backup #1 and VM/NAS Backup #2.

Both EHDs contain two partitions: an ~2 TB partition for the VM backups, and an ~2.6 TB partition for the NAS backup.

:!: Important
The NAS Backup partition must be assigned drive letter Z:, and the VM Backup partition must be assigned drive letter V: when plugged into the Cyrus1 server. This is necessary as the Cyrus backup scripts are configured to use these drives. This should be done automatically via Cyrus-Backup-Server and the below Powershell Script, however if the script is not working, this will have to be done manually.

One EHD should remain plugged into the Cyrus1 backup server, with the other unplugged, at all times. The EHDs are to be swapped out every Friday. This will increase redundancy, increase the amount of storage space for longer retention times, and increase data security.

Procedure to Swap Out the EHDs

:!: Important
Make sure that nothing is being copied, backed up, or restored to or from the EHD before swapping (such as uploads to Google Drive or items being backed up via Powershell Scripts).
  1. Unplug the USB cable from the back of the EHD plugged into the Cyrus1 server and then unplug the power cable from the EHD.
  2. Swap the EHDs and plug the power and USB cables into the other EHD.
  3. If all is working properly, the script named Set-BackupExternalHardDrivePartitionDriveLetters.ps1 (the name should be shortened…) should be called from the Cyrus-Backups-Server.ps1 script and ran automatically. This will automatically change the drive letters assigned to the VM Backup and NAS Backup partitions on the external hard drive.
    1. If the script is not working, manually change the assigned drive letters. See the instructions below.
  4. Take the now unplugged EHD back to the Help Desk (or, even better, to a secure offsite location).
    This script changes the assigned drive letters of the NAS and VM backup partitions on the Backup External Hard Drives.
    This script can be scheduled to run with Task Scheduler after every time the backup external hard drives are swapped.
    This eliminates the need to manually change the assigned drive letters. These changes to the assigned drive letters 
    are needed in order for Iperius backup and the Veeam VM backup scripts to run successfully. 
    Author: Eric Claus
    Last Modified: 01/12/2018
    Get-WmiObject -Class win32_volume
$vmPartition = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_volume -Filter "Label like 'VM Backup%'"
$vmPartition.DriveLetter = "V:"
$nasPartition = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_volume -Filter "Label like 'NAS Backup%'"
$nasPartition.DriveLetter = "Z:"

Changing the drive letters assigned to the backup partitions - the manual way (only use when the script is not working!)

  1. Log into the NAS server and change the drive letter assigned to the NAS Backup partition to Z:. This ensures that the NAS Backup partition always has the same drive letter assigned, and therefore that Iperius Backup always points to the correct path.
    1. Open Computer Management and then open Disk Management.
    2. Right click on the NAS Backup partition and select Change Drive Letter and Paths
    3. Select the current drive letter and click Change
    4. Select Z from the drop down list and then Okay twice.
  2. Follow the steps above to change the drive letter assigned to the VM Backup partition to V:. This is required for the automatic VM backup script.
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